Subscription Box Therapy: The Wallflower Box #2

My second Wallflower Box was as delightful as my first. You can read my previous review here

Once again the box started with an “Introvert Insights” card written by Professional Counselor and The Wallflower Box Co-Founder Chelsey Brooke. Although they don’t really theme their boxes from month to month, most of the items tend to complement each other. Other items are just lovely additions intended to make your alone time more pleasant. Several of the items in this month’s box seemed to be aimed at boosting your self-confidence.



Three beauty items were included in this month’s box. Vegan Face & Body Mud Masque by Dia Naturals. You mix this with with either water or milk depending on your skin type. Vegan Cafe Creme Eye Shadow by The Great Mother’s. A nice neutral color that should look nice on anyone.  Orglamix Natural Coconut Melt. This smells so yummy, and is excellent for hydration. My dry Coloradan skin loves to drink this stuff up. 


Rose Flower Ankle Socks, these are not really my style (floral prints are not really my friend), but they are a nice quality pair of socks. Chocolate Covered Pretzels. You had me at chocolate – ok, well it’s only milk chocolate. If you want to really win me over, then dark chocolate is the way to my introverted heart. 


Black Lantern and Tea Candles. I love this! I absolutely love this! I like to place it on my window sill in my book nook while I’m reading. Speaking of reading… this month’s book was The Irresistible Introvert by Michaela Chung.

For me, The Wallflower Box is a perfect fit. I have enjoyed almost all of the items and especially appreciate the books. However, if books about being an introvert aren’t your thing, The Wallflower Box now offers two types of boxes, one with a book or journal and one without. 

You can sign up for The Wallflower Box over at Cratejoy.


Subscription Box Therapy: Stitch Fix #2

I was thrilled with my first Stitch Fix and immediately scheduled another Fix. I eagerly awaited my delivery and couldn’t wait to unbox all the beautiful spring colors I had requested. 

Here is what my burrito bundle looked like:


Those are some pretty awesome spring colors and patterns peeking out right? Sigh. Is black the new spring color and I just didn’t get the memo? 


Three black items, one grey, and one blue. 

Other than the color palette, my stylist did read my comments and sent me items that fit well and addressed some of my concerns from the last Fix. For example the last sleeveless top she sent me was made from a material that did not stretch, making it a little bit of a challenge to remove with my Pompe arms. So, the tank she sent me in this Fix was made from a material that had much more stretch and was so much easier to work with. However it is black, with some sparkly stuff around the neck. As soon as I pulled it out, I knew I wouldn’t like it. I was wrong. 


Reeny Embellished Split Neck Knit Top by 41 Hawthorn

I don’t absolutely love it, but paired with the cardigan it makes for a very nice look. Not the bright spring look I was hoping for, but this will look nice for an evening out. 

You really have to try everything on. Items you may not like out of the box or in a photo, you may end up loving when you try them on. On the flip side, you may adore an item, but then when you put it on you’re not so thrilled with it. 

I did ask for another cardigan, but I was hoping for a more spring like color. However, I do love this cardigan and it is a different style than the one from my last Fix. This one has pockets!


Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan by Mix by 41 Hawthorn

I also asked for a pair of grey or tan trousers and my stylist sent a very nice pair that are comfortable and that I can use year round. 


Garth Straight Leg Trouser Pant by Liverpool

This top is the only semi-spring item that was included – and I do love it. It is so soft and the buttons down the back are a nice touch. 

And the final piece was a bit odd. It is a black hooded top. Again, hello spring?? It is super lightweight and you do have to wear something under it, otherwise it is fairly transparent. It reminds me of the hoodies my friends and I would take to the beach in California. You’d throw one of these on once the sun went down and you were sitting around a bonfire. I wish it had been almost any color other than black. It also has to be dry cleaned. That is my fault, I should have put a note in my style profile about not wanting anything that needed to be dry cleaned. 


Raza Hooded Knit Top by Honey Punch

While I did, for the most part, like everything in this Fix – it was not as good as my first one. There is nothing I really hated and I will use everything in it and often – but can a girl get some pinks, greens, red, blues, white, tans – anything but more black? Ok – yes, it did snow here a few days ago because – Colorado. But it is April, I am told they get sun and their version of “warmth” here. I’d like some fun spring colors to wear under my parka please. 

I’ve ordered my next Fix and asked once again for some spring colored items. I will let you know how that one goes. 

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix, there is more information on how it works on my previous post . 

Also, if you’re ready to take the leap and would like to try Stitch Fix without the styling fee, you can use my link here. 







Subscription Box Therapy: Scribbler

The Scribbler subscription box was created for writers, by writers – specifically two published novelists. Scribbler is new to the subscription box scene and they made a grand entrance with their Emotional Touchpoints themed box. 

From their website: “Scribbler is committed to helping writers improve their craft and reach their publishing goals, month after month.” 

Think of this subscription box as a tool box for writers, it is filled with helpful tips, in-depth guidance, and encouragement. And oh yes, one of my favorite things to find in a subscription box – a book!

Their spoiler card only lists 4 of the items included in the box, but there is so much more. Their website states that each box will contain: A monthly writing theme, a new release fiction novel, a collectible ‘writing passport’ from the featured author, curated writerly gifts, and in invitation to communicate with a publishing professional. 

I just love this box! I usually attend a couple of ComicCons a year, but this past year has been anything but normal so I haven’t been to a Con in over a year. Whenever I attend, I try to attend all the writing and publishing panels to learn as much as I can about the industry. Well, this box delivers a lot of the same wisdom – right to my door! 

Let’s get into the good stuff, as in what was included in their debut box…..


A note from curators Victoria Scott and Lindsey Cummings.


Highlighters. I adore these cute little highlighters, and for every purchase an item will be donated to a classroom in need. I just love that. 

Typewriter Stickers. These are a great motivational tool to set and reach your word count goals with.


Writer Decal. What a fun decal. Will it end up on my computer, notebook, or my scooter battery? Clearly I need more of these. 


Motivational Print. Can you read this without singing?


Writing Passport: Emotional Touchpoints. This little booklet is jam packed with advice and lessons from author Brigid Kemmerer.


Invitation to Chat with a Literary Agent. They call this Writer Gold for a reason! As part of your subscription you will gain access to a publishing professional. This month’s guest is a Literary Agent who will be chatting with us via a private Skype session. What an amazing opportunity! 

A Pencil Case. Complete with a quote from Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Mass. 

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A Hardback Copy of More Than We Can Tell  by Brigid Kemmerer.


Plus – a signed book plate and bookmark from Brigid Kemmerer as well as a More Than We Can Tell temporary tattoo. So many bookish goodies from Brigid Kemmerer! 


This book sounds most intriguing. It is going to the very top of my to be read pile. 

Here is the synopsis from the inside cover:

Rev has managed to keep the demons of his past at bay… until he gets a letter from the abusive father he hasn’t seen in years, and the trauma of his childhood comes hurtling back.

Emma has only one escape from her parents’ fighting: the computer game she built from scratch… until an online troll’s harassment causes her to fear for her safety.

When Rev and Emma cross paths one night, they’re both longing to confide in someone – to share the weight of their worries. They connect instantly and deeply, vowing to help each other no matter what. But soon Rev’s and Emma’s secrets threaten to crush them, and they’ll need more than a promise to find their way out. 

Visit Cratejoy to sign up for Scribbler. April’s theme will be POV. 


Subscription Box Therapy: J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World

J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World from Loot Crate is delivered every other month. This month’s theme was Enchanting Essentials.

This box arrived packed with six magical items and 5 of them were exclusive. For a moment I thought the box was really Hermione’s beaded bag complete with an undetectable extension charm.


Hogwarts Crest T-Shirt. This shirt is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is not all that soft, but perhaps after it has been washed it will soften up. I really like the subtle colors of this shirt because I have a number of Harry Potter shirts that are pretty colorful. 


New Scamander Scrapbook. This is an amazing book and it really is a scrapbook! Newt Scamander, a Movie Scrapbook was written by Rick Barba. It is filled with photos from the film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as replica paper props. It is presented in a fun and interactive way. This is not something I would purchase for myself, but I am sure glad it was included in my subscription box. 

4-Pack of Wizarding Journals. These are the perfect sized notebooks to take with you anywhere – even if you don’t have Hermione’s bag. They are all lined and contain 50 pages each. 


Double-Sided Wizardy Sign. This might be my favorite item in the box, or quite possibly my favorite item I’ve ever received from Loot Crate. 

Hogwarts House Magnet. Each person receives the crest that corresponds to their house. As always, I am a Slytherin. 


Patronus Lapel Pin. This month they’ve taken a break from the Horcrux pins and included this doe Patronus pin, the same Patronus as Lily Potter and Severus Snape  – and yours truly! Yes, according to Pottermore my Patronus is also a doe. 


May’s theme will be Hogwarts House Pride 2018. Head over to Loot Crate’s site to check it out and sign up.


Subscription Box Therapy: Game of Thrones from CultureFly

The theme of this box was The Noble Houses of Westeros. As it turns out, this was the winter 2017 box – that yes, arrived in March 2018. I did receive 50% off the box, but I didn’t realize I was ordering the older box. I had already watched a few unboxing videos of this box and CultureFly has photos of all the items on their website – so there was no surprise element to this for me when I opened it. This is a quarterly subscription box.

According to CultureFly’s website The Game of Thrones Box contains over $100 worth of officially licensed and exclusive items. Officially licensed I can get behind, but over $100 worth? I am skeptical seeing as everything was made in China. I used to work in China, I know just how little these things cost to make. 

Here is what was in the box:


Allover Printed House Sigils T-Shirt. This shirt is incredibly soft, it is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. I really like it. I used it for the backdrop in most of the photos. 

Sigil Stamp Set with Inkpad. This product is of pretty decent quality. I might be one of the few people who get some use out of this since I do use stamps and wax seals on occasion. 


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House Stark: Jon Snow’s Direwolf Ghost Vinyl Figure and The North Remembers Notepad. The Ghost figure is nicely done and is pretty good likeness, I think I will keep it in the box because without the box he is pretty bland. The notepad is fairly low quality. It looks nice, but the pieces of paper are super thin so when you try to tear off the top sheet it basically rips that one and the one beneath it. It may be trying to be a sticky pad, but it doesn’t stick too well. 

House Targaryen: Reusable Dragon Sigil Hand Warmer. This is reusable, but high maintenance. You have to place it in boiling water to dissolve the crystals each time you want to reuse it. 

House Baratheon: Drinking Horn with Stag Sigil Stand. This might be ok for cosplay, or even on display. It is almost entirely made of plastic except for the rim and the hooks used to attach the clips. 

House Lannister: Jaime’s Golden Hand Silicone Glove. This is very detailed and seems pretty sturdy, although it is most certainly yellow and not gold. It is right handed (as it should be), and I am left handed so I won’t really get much use out of it. Maybe my right handed GOTs loving cousin will adopt it. House Greyjoy: Oversized Enamel Pin. Yes, this is most definitely an oversized pin. There are actually three pins on the back of it. For its size it is surprisingly not too heavy. The box says it is a subscriber exclusive, 1 of 4. 

House Tyrell: Ceramic Planter. This can obviously be used for more than a planter, holding pens and pencils for example. If my plant from my Wallflower Box survives and thrives I may transfer it to this. 

All in all, I wasn’t thrilled with my Game of Thrones box and am very happy I didn’t pay full price for it.  I believe this was their first box, so I can allow a little forgiveness for the learning curve. It was a nice attempt, everything in the box looked nice, but the quality of some of the items should have been better. 

CultureFly offers several different fandom boxes. In addition to Game of Thrones they offer Supernatural, World’s Finest Collection (DC Comics), Jay and Silent Bob, The Nick Box (Nickelodeon), Pusheen Box, Animal Jam, Shopkins Direct, and Despicable Box.

Subscription Box Therapy: The Bookish Box

The Bookish Box is a monthly subscription box aimed at bookworms, ahem I mean stylish bookworms according to their website. They have several subscription plans to choose from, and some of them even include books! Who would have thought? 

Each month you’ll receive a box filled with delightfully creative bookish items centered around that month’s theme. March’s theme was Cover Lust. The items in the box were very artsy and beautiful. 

My shirt was missing from my box. I contacted folks at The Bookish Box and they apologized and said they would be shipping my shirt shortly. I will post an update when it arrives. There was also an error on their “spoiler” card, it stated that some Harry Potter Friendship Art Prints were to be included. However, those items were in the previous month’s box. 


Now, on to the goodies that were actually in my box. 


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Pride & Prejudice Inspired Lotion. I love the idea of this lotion and it is made from quality ingredients. It has one fragrance when you smell the container and a completely different fragrance when you put it on. The scent suited my aunt more than me so she kindly and quickly adopted it. 


Grisha Tea. Loose leaf tea from Riddle’s Tea Shop. Oh my goodness! This tea smells and tastes so good. It is a bit on the sweet side, which is a nice change. For me, this is a once in a while tea since I am basically an English Breakfast Tea with milk (of course) or a Green Tea kinda girl. 


Fangirl Wall Decor. I love this and it will be a wonderful edition to my book nook! It was made by the Hello World Paper Co and they included a $5 discount for their online shop. 


Shatter Me Inspired Coaster Art. How is it possible for something to be so beautiful, yet so creepy? This is your standard cardboard coaster, the kind you find in pubs, so it probably won’t last too long if you use it for its intended purpose. Although, if you really love it and have other book inspired coasters you can do what I did with some UK inspired coasters and frame them.


Infernal Devices Art Print. A lovely print on semi-glossy paper. For Infernal Devices fans this will look amazing in a frame. 


Monthly Doodle. With this being my first box, I can only surmise from the name that they include a doodle each month. This month’s creation is from Doodles by Christina. Grab your colored pencils and relax with this darling doodle. 


And finally, the star of any book subscription box… the book! This month’s adult book is The Beau & The Belle by R.S. Grey. They also included a signed book plate by the author. So… the first thing that caught my eye was the “a romantic comedy” across the top of the cover. Hmmm. One of my least favorite genres, but that is sometimes the chance you take with book subscriptions. What does intrigue me is that the story is set in one of my favorite cities – New Orleans. So, I may give it more than just a passing glance. Besides, it is good to read out of your comfort zone, or so I’m told. If I end up not liking it, my aunt has expressed an interest in reading it. Last year I was able to take her with me on a speaking engagement to New Orleans, so this might end up being a perfect fit for her. This book will get read in this house – I am just not sure by how many people. 


I did not renew my subscription with this company because I am waiting to see how (and if) they will resolve the missing shirt problem. I just don’t’ feel comfortable shelling out more money when I am still waiting on an item from this box. Also, I may switch my book choice from adult to YA and see if that book is more to my liking. Even with the missing shirt and a book that I am not over the moon about, I think this subscription box is still a winner. 

If you are interested in giving The Bookish Box a try, head on over to Cratejoy and sign up.

Subscription Box Therapy: Accio!

Accio! Is a magical monthly Harry Potter themed subscription box. This box is very different from J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World box by Loot Crate. While they are both filled with Harry Potter merchandise for all of us Potterheads out there, Accio! brings us items from independent artists every month, while J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World sends officially licensed merchandise every other month. 

Accio! is curated by two long time Harry Potter fans who conjure these magic boxes in Lawrence, Kanas – yes, where the Winchesters are from! If you don’t get that reference, then we may not be able to be friends. 

This was my first box from Accio! and it was fantastic! 



I opened the box and practically screamed with excitement – this month’s theme is…..wait for it…. The Luna Box! Yes, Luna Lovegood one of my favorite characters from the books and movies. The description of what was in the box was printed on The Quibbler, how cute is that? 


Luna Lovegood Magnetic Bookmark. This is one of those simple magnetic bookmarks that slip between the pages of your book and tend not to get beaten up like the bookmarks that stick out of your book. 

House Pride Friendship Bracelet. Each month Accio! sends at least one house specific item to you. I’m a Slytherin so I received the green bracelet – which I will also be using as a bookmark – aka a quitter stick. 



Luna Lovegood Articulated Paper Doll. I don’t know if I have ever owned a paper doll in my life, but if I did I doubt it was any were as nice as this one. This is really a piece of art. Now what I will do with it is another matter entirely. I do really like how her Spectrespecs and lion hat come off. 



Spectrespecs Fizzing Bath Bomb. This is adorable and hand painted. If I took baths, I’m sure I would love this. 1. I don’t have a bathtub, and 2. Pompe has robbed me of the ability to take baths. Maybe I’ll use it for a hand or foot soak. 


Dirigible Plum Handpainted Leaf Print. The is a beautiful print, and yes, you can tell it was hand painted  It is very delicate so I’ll need to frame it. I like that it is super unique, just like Luna, and not just a typical graphic print. The photo does not do it justice. 


And finally, as usual I have saved my favorite item for last. Luna’s Room Scented Candle. I’ve watched several unboxing videos about Accio! and these candles by Highland Bluff show up a lot. I was really hoping there would be one in this box. I was cautiously optimistic when I picked up the box from our mailbox – it was a little on the heavy side and marked “fragile.” The description says that once you have burned the candle all the way down you can use the container as a drinking glass – and I can totally see that. However, since it also comes with the wooden lid, I think I will be using mine as a container for reading and writing snacks either at my desk or in my book nook. The scent is described as cotton candy and watermelon and I feared it was going to be sickeningly sweet, but no it is sweet smelling, but just the right amount of sweet. It fills the air pretty well too, but it doesn’t take over the whole house. More stuff like this please Accio!



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If you’d like to sign up for Accio! and have your own box of magical goodies delivered, head on over to Cratejoy! 

Subscription Box Therapy: Stitch Fix

So, technically Stitch Fix isn’t a subscription box in the traditional sense, it is more of an online styling service. There is a $20 styling fee and of course the cost of the clothes you decide to keep. I hate shopping. I especially hate clothes shopping. I hate trying on clothes. It is just too much time, too many people, too many florescent lights, and too many spoons.* 

In the past I’ve picked out clothes and then brought them home to try on. If they didn’t fit or if I just didn’t like them on, I would take them back to the store. After I broke my leg a few years ago the only pants I could stand to wear because of where my surgical site was located were leggings. Jeans were especially bothersome, so I found Lu La Roe which kept me in comfortable, cute clothing that was delivered to my home. I knew what sizes and what styles worked for me, so that was more or less what I wore. Plus these items are easy to pack and easy to mix and match. Well, I mixed and matched myself into a Lu La Roe rut. I needed help. It was time to bring in professional help. Enter Stitch Fix


Stitch Fix uses a combination of algorithms and professional stylists to create your box. The algorithm takes many things into consideration, including your location. It then sends your stylist (a real live person) suggestions. Your stylist will look over your Style Profile (we’ll get to that in a bit), he or she will even look at your social media sites if you provide the links. Pinterest is probably their favorite. Here is a link to my board if you’re curious as to how I’ve set mine up.

Now, on to the Style Profile I mentioned… when you sign up for Stitch Fix, you’ll be asked to fill out your style profile. This shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes, but do take your time and make sure you are providing honest and specific information. This is not the time to shave off a few extra pounds or add a few inches to your height. Give them as many details as possible, in addition to the “multiple click to answer” choices, you’ll also be given places to type in whatever you feel your stylist should know about your, let’s say fashion quirks. I certainly have more than a few quirks myself. 

You decide what types of items you’d like to receive and how often (as in often, sometimes, or never or only when I ask), as well as how often you’d like your Stich Fix to arrive. You can even pick your delivery date. You set your own price points, for each type of item. So if you like to spend less on tops and more on shoes you can make those choices in your Style Profile. You may update and change your Style Profile as often as you wish.

Stitch Fix will send you 5 items. Remember that $20 styling fee I mentioned? That $20 will go towards anything you decide to purchase. And…. if you purchase all 5 items in the box, you’ll receive a 25% discount on the total. Plus you still get the $20 styling fee applied to your purchase. If you decide you don’t like any of the items and ship all 5 back, you will not get your styling fee back. Do you see why it is so important to be honest and detailed when filling out your Style Profile? 

Since I was on this subscription box binge and in a fashion rut, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try. I told my stylist that I spend most of the day seated in my scooter, so I needed clothes that look and feel good while sitting down. When I do physical therapy or exercise I change into fitness clothes – or just stay in my Lu La Roe because LLR is so comfortable. But again, I was in a rut and wanted to look a little more polished, especially when I went out on speaking engagements. I expected to like maybe one or two tops and that I would send the rest back, that maybe I would give Stitch Fix a second chance once I provided feedback on why I sent the items back. By the way, you have three days from the day you receive your box to get your returns in the mail. They provide a shipping label and shipping bag, all you have to do pack it all up and put in the mail. 

I opened the box and saw that they had sent me a pair of shoes. I had watched enough unboxing videos to know what the shoe bags looked like. “Uh-Oh’” I thought. I could have sworn I didn’t ask for shoes because I am so picky with them. They need to have excellent grips to keep me from slipping and sliding when I am up on my feet. I did go back and look at my Style Profile and I had requested that they sometimes send me shoes – so that was totally on me. 


The shoe bag! Which is great for packing.

My Stylist sent me a pair of Toms. I tried them on and immediately loved them, until I tried to get up on my feet. Sigh. They were way too slick, especially on my bathroom floor. Bummer. 

I moved on to my clothing bundle. Where I found two tops, a cardigan, and a pair of jeans. A pair of jeans?! I haven’t worn jeans in years due to the lack of comfort from my scar tissue and sitting most of the day. Plus the last time I tried to buy jeans I felt like I had to try on dozens and dozens of pairs at multiple stores which ended in failure. Sigh. Well, I knew I would be a challenge to style and fit, but I was hoping the tops and cardigan would work out, so I started with those. 

Low and behold they all fit and I loved them. I then decided I needed to at least try the jeans on so I could provide feedback on why they didn’t fit. I knew they were going to be too long – the curse of being vertically challenged. Imagine my surprise when they actually fit me – everywhere! And they had some stretch to them so I was super comfortable sitting down, plus the seam on the side didn’t bother my leg with all the scar tissue! What was this sorcery? I decided to give the shoes another try to complete the whole outfit and I was blown away at how well everything looked and felt. Wow! My aunt and uncle were blown away too because we all tend to buy the same things over and over again once we know they fit so we don’t have to actually go shopping. They are both considering giving Stitch Fix a try – yes, they style men too! 

Here are photos of my Stitch Fix haul:


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They send you a personalized note from your Stylist and styling suggestions to go with each piece. I decided to keep the slippery Toms because they were so comfortable and went so well with everything else. I purchased some non-slip grips for the soles and they are much safer for me now. Since I purchased all the items in the box I received a 25% discount and after deducting my $20 styling fee I only paid $187 for everything in box! I hope Stitch Fix continues to hit the mark with me, it will save me so much time, effort, frustration, and most importantly spoons! 


I love that they include a personal note from your stylist as well as outfit suggestions for the items they’ve sent you.

Wanna give Stitch Fix without having to gamble a $20 styling fee?

Use my any of my Stitch Fix links and they will waive your first $20 styling fee, and I will earn a $25 credit! Yay – we both win! Basically you get try Stitch Fix risk free. If your box arrives and you don’t like any of the items, simply ship it back. They pay for all the shipping! Plus, you may even get a referral link of your own to pass on to friends and family. What do you have to lose? Except maybe the fashion rut you might be stuck in like I was? 

*Too many spoons refers to the limited amount of spoons a person with a chronic condition has to spend in a day. Based on The Spoon Theory Theory by Christine Miserandino.

Subscription Box Therapy: Jersey Shore Cosmetics

I first fell in love with Jersey Shore Cosmetics when I received their lip balm through my Ipsy subscription. Their lip balm is fantastic and now that I am living in a much, much, much drier climate I actually finish tubes of lip balm! I was under the impression that never happened, that half used lip balm tubes ended up in the same place as lonely socks. 


Once again this is a monthly subscription service that sends you a quality product for a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. 

Here is what I received:

I now have lip balm strategically placed around my room so it is never far from my reach. I did cancel the subscription after this shipment, only because I didn’t think I needed another 4 tubes next month. When I start running low, I have every intention of signing up again. You can purchase just two tubes in a shipment as well. 

Once again, head on over to Cratejoy to check out Jersey Shores Cosmetic’s subscription service. 

Subscription Box Therapy: The Wallflower Box

The Wallflower Box is a monthly subscription box service created for introverts, by introverts. One of the founders is a Professional Counselor and introvert – so she gets us. The box contains self care items and a book. You had me at introvert and book! 




When I opened the box the first thing I spotted was a note from one of the founders entitled Introvert Insights

Recipe Cards. These are a nice touch and sound delicious and easy to make. I probably won’t be making these as they are extremely high in carbs, which is not good for us Pompe folks. 

Mint & Rose Quartz Wellness Candle. This is gorgeous and so fragrant, it smells like you’re in a spa. I was worried that when lit, it will make the whole house smell like mint – not my aunt’s favorite scent. However, it really isn’t that potent and the scent doesn’t travel that far. Perfect for a small, cozy place – you know, where us introverts are at home in our natural environment. 

Natural Hand and Foot Balm. This is some serious balm. It is not lotion or even body butter, it is balm. It is really thick, but goes on easy. 


White Porcelain Ramekins. Who couldn’t use these? I like to use them to hold my reading and writing snacks, they are great for portion control. 


Rejuvenating Rose Cream. This is a very nice skin cream with a floral fragrance. I have plenty of facial care products so I am not sure how much use this is going to get, but it is nice. It just doesn’t fit in with my other skin care products. 


Preserve Company Sugar Scrub. This stuff is wonderful. It is a great exfoliant, but not too rough and I love the scent. My only complaint is that it comes in a glass jar. I have been known to drop things and I wouldn’t want to drop this and have it break in the shower. I think I will be transferring it to a klutz proof container. 


Recipe Journal & Pen. I love how the notepad has a pen holder, I am forever looking for a pen when I need to jot something down. 



One of my favorite items was the Forget Me Not Blossom Kit. This is not something I would purchase on my own and I have never been good with plants or gardening, but I am looking forward to seeing if I can keep it alive. The kit was easy to use and not at all messy. I really hope I’ll have some flowers soon, and not just a box with dirt in it. Feel free to send prayers for my flowers. 


And finally, the best part… ok, all the items in the box were pretty awesome, but the book. This book: The Quiet Rise of Introverts by Brenda Knowles. 

I know I am not going to love every single item in a box, I especially have a low tolerance for beauty items. This has more to do with the fact that I already own more than enough beauty items thanks to Rodan & Fields and an Ipsy subscription I had for over two years. Not wanting more beauty items in my subscription boxes is just my personal preference at this time. That being said, I LOVE THIS BOX! I am looking forward to the next one. 

If you are interested in ordering The Wallflower Box, head on over to Cratejoy and check them out.  

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