Month: May 2018

Subscription Box Therapy: My Aunt’s Stitch Fix #2

My aunt’s second Stitch Fix arrived. I was hopeful, she was apprehensive. This time around, her Stylist did appear to have read some of her previous feedback. Some. There were no sleeveless tops in this Fix. The colors were better. The cuts and sizing were not. 


First out of the box was the navy blue embroidered knit top. In her last box, my aunt received a top that would have been great for nursing mothers. This top would have been good as a maternity top – for someone pregnant with twins. The sleeves were a hot mess, they were too long, but had elastic so they didn’t cover her hands – but, when she pushed them up to her elbows for about 10 minutes the elastic left a lovely red ring around her arm. She was just swimming in this top. It was not cute. Sorry Auntie, but it wasn’t. 


Then she tried on the pink textured blouse. It was a nice color and it had sleeves…. but, the sleeves were too long to be 3/4 lengths, but not quite long enough to reach her wrists. They had annoying ties at the ends that did nothing to tighten the sleeves, so she couldn’t even push them up. Plus it was a thick material with a liner. Nope. Too hot. 


Then there were the girlfriend jeans. They sent her a smaller size than she normally wears, but  they were still too big. The woman just bought a couple of pairs of jeans in her proper size that fit beautifully. Sigh. These just looked silly on her, like she was ready to make an appearance in a hip hop video with her baggy jeans. 

IMG_5584 2

Destiny Girlfriend Jeans by Liberation by People’s Liberation

Next up was the soft orange cardigan. This was a great color for her, it was nice and light, perfect for spring. Except the sleeves were freakishly long. I began to wonder if her arms were just freakishly short so I tried it on. Nope the sleeves really were freakishly long and don’t have any elastic around the wrists so they hung down past her hands. My cardigans from Stitch Fix are the same size and they all fit both of us nicely. Weird.


And finally, there was a grey v-neck top. This actually fit her, and the v-neck was not too plunging. However, it is too close to the color of her hair and it just washed her out. Plus it is a little too high maintenance for her. You have to line dry it. 

Once again Stitch Fix failed her. She sent everything back. She is not enjoying “window shopping” as she calls it with these boxes. They have waived her styling fee once again and she has another box arriving in a few weeks. Once again, we have requested that my Stylist curate her Fix. The clothes in my boxes fit her better than the ones she is sent which is one of the reasons she wants my Stylist. 

We both really hope Stitch Fix will work out for her. She loves the idea of not having to shop and the items I’ve received have been wonderful. She would really like to have a similar experience. Maybe third time will be the charm! 

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix risk free – as in no styling fee for your first box: You can use my link here and your first $20 styling fee will be waived. Full disclosure: I will receive a $25 credit if you sign up using my link. Once you sign up and order a box from Stitch Fix you will receive a referral link of your very own!

Subscription Box Therapy: Stitch Fix #4

Since I was only able to keep two items from my last Stitch Fix, I ordered another box straight away. Note: I did receive the red top from Fix #2 in a size that fits me on the third try. Yay! 

I opened the box and the first thing I spotted was the shoe bag. Yay shoes! I then peeked at my fashion burrito and spied some fun spring colors. Hooray! Spring has arrived… well, to my closet at least. Here in Colorado it can’t really decide – we had snow again this past week. Snow! But over the weekend it supposed to be in the 70s. Insert dramatic sigh. Colorado. Shake head. 


Moving on. I opened my shoe bag first, because shoes. I found these red sandals that I had pinned on Pinterest and they fit perfectly. I only wish they were a little less orange-red and little more red-red. But they will go nicely with what I have in my closet – and hopefully what is yet to be added to my wardrobe. 


The next item was the grey knit top. There is nothing special about this top, it is nice neutral basic, the only downside is that it is a bit itchy. I hope that once it is washed, some fabric softener will release this shirt’s inner softness goddess.  


Acelyn V-Neck Linen Blend Knit Top by Market & Spruce

The next item was the navy blue and white stripped top. The cuffs are bright, neon orange. I love the pop of color and this shirt is so super soft. My Stylist saw that I had pinned some stripped tops on Pinterest and decided to send me this one. I love it. 


Lucas Cuff Sleeve Knit Top by Papermoon

The next thing I pulled out was the orchid cardigan. Yes, it is a beautiful shade of orchid, like a dusty orchid the photo does not do it justice. The invoice calls the color light purple, but it really isn’t – my aunt and I pulled out my crayon box and, according to Crayola, it is orchid. The fit and cut are perfect. Unfortunately, I just discovered it needs to be dry cleaned. Boo! 


Claudine Cardigan by Pink Clover

The last item was the pair of white jeans. This is an item I had requested from my Stylist. She couldn’t find anything in my size for my last Fix, but this time around she managed to snag this pair for me. My heart sank when I saw that they were skinny jeans. Ahhhh, scary! I’ve seen many people try on white skinny jeans on their Stitch Fix unboxing videos and most are in agreement that white skinny jeans are pretty unforgiving – as in they show everything, every bump and imperfection. As well as about half of them seem to be more than a tad see through. But again, being the good little Stitch Fixer that I am I needed to try them on. I needed to get a workout in anyway, why not burn some calories trying to pull on some skinny jeans right? Once again, Stitch Fix proves they are the masters of finding the perfect fitting jeans. My stylist sent a larger size than I needed, so they are not skin tight, nor are they too baggy. They do not fit me like skinny jeans = yay! They are also not see through = yay! They are the right length for my short little legs = yay! They are mine = yay! I cannot believe I own and am happy to wear white skinny jeans.  


Kay Skinny Jean by Liverpool

I kept every single item in this box and therefore I received the 25% discount. I wasn’t all that keen on the grey top, but it was cheaper for me to keep all 5 items with the discount rather than paying for just the other 4 at full price. 

Once again, Stitch Fix has saved me the time, energy, and frustration of having to go out shopping for clothes. In the world of Pompe Disease, energy saving items and services are gold. 

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix risk free – as in no styling fee for your first box: You can use my link here and your first $20 styling fee will be waived. Full disclosure: I will receive a $25 credit if you sign up using my link. Once you sign up and order a box from Stitch Fix you will receive a referral link of your very own!

Subscription Box Therapy: My Aunt’s Stitch Fix #1

Based on the success of my Stitch Fix experience, my aunt decided to give the service a try. She also hates to shop and has a difficult time finding items that fit properly. We are similar in size, so if they can fit me, they should be able to fit her as well. 

She filled out her Style Profile and, like me was very specific about her likes and dislikes as well as her sizes and price range. Her box arrived and we were all excited to see what was inside. My cousin and her husband even came over for the fashion show. 

She opened her box and pulled out her fashion burrito. I was tad envious that she received what looked like brighter spring colors than I had in my last Fix


My envy was short lived. Two of the items she pulled out were tank tops. She specifically said she didn’t want tank tops, she wanted her arms and shoulders covered. So right out the box we knew those two items were going back. But just like me, she knew she needed to try everything on in order to give accurate feedback. 


First up was the grey lace up sleeve knit top. She really liked the lace up detail on the sleeves. However, we are going into spring (or at least trying to) and this is a sweater. She doesn’t really wear pull over sweaters either. The sleeves were way too long, and the v-neck was way too low. Plus the color washed her out a bit.


Next was the printed navy blue straight leg pant. And I use the word pant lightly. These “pants” suffer from some sort of identity crisis. They can’t decide if they want to be leggings or pants. They are thick, way too thick for spring and summer – yet her stylist suggested they would be perfect for a warm evening out. They had this zig zag design in the fabric they made them feel almost quilted. She tried them on, and they technically almost fit her. The material was very odd, and not practical at all. She sat down, then stood up, and the legs of the “pants” were bunched up around her thighs and knees. Not attractive, not practical.  


Next up was the burgundy knit pullover. Another pull over sweater that she won’t wear. She did like the color of this, but again – we are heading into spring and summer and she doesn’t need a sweater. This was ginormous on her. It went down to her knees and the sleeves fell about 4 inches below her hands. She looked like a little girl wearing daddy’s sweater. 


And now we get to the tank top portion of our review and first up was the white crochet detailed top. This was also super huge on her. She put in her correct sizes and these were labeled correctly (we assume), but nothing was fitting right. This tank came with camisole since it was so see through, but the cami was super tight fitting and didn’t breathe. It was like the two pieces that were supposed to go together we two entirely different sizes. 


And finally, I have left the best (or worst) piece for last. The green keyhole blouse. Unless my aunt is leading a double life as a nursing mother who goes out clubbing, I don’t know why she was sent this item. She did like the color. The end. But seriously, it is a tank top and it was also too big, but not as big as some of the other items she received. There hem hung funny on the front. And the pièce de résistance…. the entire front section is an overlap with nothing holding it together in the middle! She could flash everyone without even trying. 


My aunt’s first Stitch Fix experience was pretty much the opposite of mine. Plus, she was charged the $20 styling fee which was supposed to be waived because she used my link. Customer Service took care of that and waived her next two styling fees for the inconvenience. 

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix risk free – as in no styling fee for your first box: You can use my link here and your first $20 styling fee will be waived. Full disclosure: I will receive a $25 credit if you sign up using my link. Once you sign up and order a box from Stitch Fix you will receive a referral link of your very own!