Fundraiser Update


I have an update on the Scentsy fundraiser for our Pompe Peeps Allyson and Brad. Orders can be placed and shipped to the United States and Canada only. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone in the UK or Germany who have tried to place an order. However, if anyone in the UK or Germany would like to either host their own fundraiser or even become a Scentsy consultant please feel free to contact Trinity through her web site HERE.

Here is the stylish plug in warmer I ordered. Just plug in your warmer and the low watt light bulb (included) warms the wax and fills the air with your favorite scent.

There is just over a week left to place your order for the fundraiser. Click HERE to be taken to the fundraiser web site. Remember a portion of each sale will go to help with Allyson and Brad’s expenses – which will be considerable. They are leaving their homes and families in New Zealand and Australia for 6 months to participate in a clinical trial that will help save their lives. Their participation in these trials will also help other patients – including me!

So please consider purchasing some great Scentsy products before the end of the month to help these two pioneers out. You won’t be disappointed with your order – I love my warmer and scents, and I am going to place another order because I love them so much! They also make great gifts!


Break of a couple of squares from your Scentsy bar or brick and place them in the warmer - it’s that simple. These are the bars I ordered (Sugar Cookie, Beach, and Peach a la Mode) - what will I order next?

If you have any questions about Scentsy products please feel free to contact Trinity through her web site HERE. I can tell you these products make your home smell wonderful and put traditional candles and other plug-in type products to shame. There is a perfect size warmer for every space. I have a smaller place so I opted for the plug-in warmer and it fills my home with yummy goodness (currently warming Sugar Cookie). My friend has a huge two story home and uses a large warmer which all by itself fills her gigantic house. They have warmers you can decorate yourself with a kit and even warmers that support your favorite college.

There a several scents to choose from and you can even mix them up to create your own custom scent! The possibilities are endless!

The fundraiser ends Thursday, June 30 – so hurry!

Thank you for your support!


    1. Thanks Gina! I think you will really like what they have to offer! Please help spread the word….only a little while left!


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