Fundraiser! Imagine That!


Imagine you have a life threatening illness for which there is no cure – only a treatment. Now imagine that the treatment is only available half a world away and you would have to leave your family behind for 6 months in order to receive this treatment. Imagine the emotional and financial burden this would put on you and your family. For Brad from Australia and Allyson from New Zealand, they don’t have to imagine it – they are living it. Read more about Brad and Allyson’s journey to America HERE. While there is little we can do as a community to ease their emotional burden, we can band together and try to alleviate some of the financial burden.

My dear friend Trinity has graciously volunteered to host a Scentsy fundraiser for Brad and Allyson. 20% of the sales will be donated to Brad and Allyson directly to help them with their day to day needs. Every little bit helps in a situation like this.

The fundraiser will run the entire month of June. Orders can be shipped to addresses in The USA, Canada, The UK, and Germany only. Scentsy offers great products that smell so wonderfully good – and they make great gifts!

Wouldn't this look lovely in your home?Simply visit Trinity’s Scentsy page HERE and click on “My Open Parties” and select “Fundraiser for Pompe Peeps/Brad & Allyson.“ VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST click on the correct “party” link in order for the funds to be earmarked for Brad and Allyson – changes cannot be made once the order is placed.

Alternatively, here is a direct LINK to the fundraising page for Brad and Allyson.

Please forward this fundraising information to everyone you know – because every little bit really does help.

Imagine what we can do when we all stick together. Now go shopping for some lovely smelly good things, and imagine how wonderful your home will smell for a good cause!

Thank you, one and all.

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