New Year, New Resolutions?


NOT a New Year's resolution list.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I think they are a waste of time because I believe that if you want to do something, make a change in your life, that you just do it. You do it when you’re ready to commit to it, not when it is time to hang a new calendar on the wall. I feel New Year’s resolutions are just an excuse for people to put off that diet or promise to start a new hobby or become a better housekeeper until after the first of the year. This is why so many New Year’s resolutions fail. They are not lifestyle changes which is what you really have to do in order to make a long lasting changes in your life.When I was diagnosed with Pompe I made it a priority to change my diet and start and physical therapy program. The high protein diet started in March and PT started in June and I’m proud to say that I’ve been committed to both ever since. I don’t need to wait until January 1 to make changes in my life, I make changes when they need to made.

So when you’re making out your New Year’s resolution list, ask yourself if these are things that you’re just doing because it is the thing to do this time of year, or if they really are lifestyle changes you’re prepared to make. And if they are the later… why not start right now?

Happy New Year! I hope whatever you hope to accomplish in 2011, you find the strength and willpower to commit to it!


  1. Hi Monique,

    I totally agree that people should not wait until the new year to make important changes in their life. I’m soon going to get tested for Pompe’s. A man from Genzyme gave me the name of a doctor in Corpus Christi who treats Pompe’s patients. I was so happy to learn that there is someone in my area! He said that if I turn out to have Pompe’s that I would be able to get the Lumizyme infusions at a hospital in Corpus Christi, which is just twenty minutes from where I live in Portland. He told me that there are a few other Pompe’s patients in the Corpus Christi area who are getting Lumizyme infusions. He is also arranging for the blood testing kit to be sent to my geneticist’s office. I will see the geneticist on January 5th. I know that some people might think it sounds strange to hope for a very serious neuromuscular disease, but I’m hoping I will turn out to have Pompe’s because it would give me some definite answers and also because it’s treatable. I’ve been sick since age 15 and have gradually been getting worse. I already know that something is terribly wrong with me, and so if I were diagnosed with Pompe’s I would finally have a definite diagnosis and some hope that the Lumizyme might help me to get better. But I’m so afraid that the testing will be negative and that I will be right back at square one, not knowing what is wrong. I’m praying so hard that I will get a definite diagnosis this time. I’ll let you know what happens when I get the results of my testing. I hope you have a wonderful new year! Donna Blackwood

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