Accessible Travel: St. Augustine, Florida


America's Oldest School House

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest city in America. Given that, it makes travel for those of us in wheelchairs a smidge challenging. After all, back in the 1500’s putting in ramps and wider doorways wasn’t really at the top of the list with things like, surviving hurricanes or small pox. But flash forward to modern day St. Augustine and you’ll find a beautiful seaside town rich with history that is “somewhat” accessible. In order to preserve the integrity of this historical area, there are many places your wheelchair won’t be able to take you. That being said, it is still worth spending a day or even half a day exploring the area.

I suggest going when the weather is nice as you’ll have more restaurant choices because many of them have accessible patio dining. Several of the shops have steps – old, steep, uneven steps. Many others have an accessible entrance, often unmarked and around the back – just look around or ask the shop workers. The sightseeing trams are not accessible either, but you can easily explore the old town area in your wheelchair.

Because of the lack of accessible attractions, shops, and restaurants I wouldn’t recommend devoting more than a day to St. Augustine. It is worth a stop if you find yourself traveling on I-95 – if nothing else for the amazing seafood they have to offer.

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