Recipe: Low Carb Hot Chocolate


This is all you need!

I knew I would have to give certain things up as part of my high protein, low carb lifestyle. Most of what I’ve said good-bye to, I don’t miss. I was never that big of a fan of rice or bread or pasta, so eliminating those from my diet wasn’t difficult. But, I was not looking forward to life without hot chocolate. I vowed to myself that I would come up with a low carb recipe for it – and I have!

My recent trip to Copenhagen inspired my culinary masterpiece, ok so masterpiece might be a bit of a stretch – we are just talking about a hot beverage here. In Copenhagen, they pair just about everything with some sort of chocolate beverage. One shop we went to held up two pieces of chocolate to choose from, one milk and one dark. After you make your choice (dark of course) they place it in a cup, add hot milk and stir. They actually call it warm chocolate or drinking chocolate – whatever its called, it is delicious!

I came home and tinkered around in the kitchen until I came up with a simple, low carb recipe that would help me survive the cold winter months here in Florida. If you don’t like dark chocolate, you probably won’t like my version of European Drinking Chocolate, but you can use it as a starting point and then fiddle around in your kitchen to come up with something that better suits your taste.


  • Unsweetened chocolate almond milk
  • Twinings Luxury Drinking Chocolate
  • Whipped cream

Fill your mug with almond milk (leaving room for chocolate to be added) and microwave it for 2 minutes

Add 3-4 teaspoons of Twinings Luxury Drinking Chocolate

Top off with whipped cream

Stir and enjoy! Please note that because this is made with real chocolate, you may have to stir occasionally as you drink.

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