MDA Telethon Success!

This year’s MDA telethon raised $58,919,838! That is money that will, among other things, go toward research. Remember $0.76 out of every dollar donated directly benefits people like me in one way or another. We already have an amazing treatment for Pompe Disease, now let’s find more treatments for all the other forms of MD and dare I say… a cure!
Here are some photos from the Orlando telethon…

Welcome to Chapman Leonard Studios in Orlando - September 6, 2010.



With Orlando hosts Leslie Gail and Todd Jensen.


The crew working hard behind the scenes.

No set would be complete without Craft Service.

With Sarah from the MDA.

MDA phone bank filled with happy and dedicated volunteers!

Local members of the National Honor Society volunteered their time to help take pledges. Brains and big hearts!

 Thank you everyone – see you next year!


  1. Awesome Monique! It’s been great watching it. With so many people working toward the same goal, we’ll get there. I have no doubt.


  2. awesome! i love all the pictures. I looked for you on tv but didn’t see you:( Perhaps they didn’t show any of florida up here?! how rude!

    :)hugs to you! you are so strong and courageous:)

    1. Thanks for watching – I was only on locally so you didn’t miss me. I’ll have to go national for that or you’ll have to visit here next Labor Day!


  3. Thank you all! Maybe they will let me go national next year – start writing letters now! LOL!
    It was a lot of fun, great people, and a great oganization!


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