September 3 Deadline!


Enzyme Replacement Therapy - The stuff works!

There are only a few more days left to help Allyson Lock and other New Zealand patients out. September 3 is the deadline to submit an email to PHARMAC’s Review of Exceptional Circumstances praising the effectiveness of enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) for Pompe patients.

You have read on my blog about the progress I’ve made along with the progress of my friends Maddie and Emma. There are lots of patients out there who are taking back their lives because of ERT – the stuff works!

Please take 10 minutes to send an email urging the NZ government to approve this life saving treatment for their citizens. We have already received a lot of positive feedback, but we need more people to add their voice to the cause.

All submissions must be made by September 3 to be considered during the review process.

Thank you to everyone who has already written and to those of you who will! Your email can make a difference.


    1. Gina – I think you already did this too because you are one of my stars! This was a “last chance” kind of thing for anyone who hasn’t yet. You can always spread this around and ask others to write in if you want to help. 🙂

      Allyson and all the other NZ Pompe patients really need them to approve this treatment, otherwise they will continue to worsen until Pompe take them away from us.



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