Just Sing!


I don’t sing.

Before getting my Pompe diagnosis, doctors were mystified with my strange array of symptoms. Often the only approach was to try and treat the symptoms individually since no one had any idea what the underlying problem was. Specialists have tried many different theories and therapies to help me over the years.

One of the more interesting pieces of medical advice I received was to sing. Because I was having trouble breathing, and no one could figure out why, I was told the best way to strengthen the muscles around my lungs was to sing and to do singing exercises. I thought this was rather strange, although logically it made sense, it was just hard to grasp as a medical concept. So I dismissed it as another kooky attempt to try and help the patient with the mystery disease.

I’m now starting to reconsider that strange advice. Recently, another Pompe patient told me she too had been advised that singing could help improve her breathing.

Like I said, I don’t sing – but things change. Pompe can turn your world upside down. You have to do everything in your power to fight back, even if it means doing something you’ve never really done before:

La! La! La!


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