10 minutes


Enzyme replacement therapy saves and improves the lives of patients fighting Pompe Disease.

Right about now, if you’ve been following my blog, your thinking “duh” to yourself. I felt this was worth stating again, because now I’m going to ask you to help someone out using this “duh” knowledge.

Allyson on Mother's Day with two of her boys.

Meet Allyson Lock. She was very recently diagnosed with Pompe Disease. She lives in Masterton, New Zealand and has been denied enzyme replacement therapy. She was told there simply wasn’t funding for it. Her GP is currently trying to generate the much needed funding.

Allyson is reaching out to the politicians and media in her area for help. I have also written to Minister of Health and Minister of State Services Hon Tony Ryall on her behalf. And now, I’m asking that all of you take 10 minutes to send an email to Tony Ryall. The more times his office is hit with the words “ALLYSON LOCK” and “POMPE DISEASE” and “ENZYME REPLACEMENT THERAPY” the less he can ignore it.

Here is the link to Tony Ryall’s website which includes his email.

Please take 10 minutes to send him an email requesting his assistance in cutting through the red tape of bureaucracy so that Allyson may receive this life saving treatment. 10 minutes of your life can have a huge impact and help change someone’s life.

10 minutes.


  1. Thank you for posting this M. This is very very important. Everyone,,, don’t underestimate the impact that your email or letter can make. Politicians are people too so they are motivated by the same common-sense things that we are. They are also motivated by votes. Every message that they receive is considered to be worth 10 votes. Even if you are really busy, even a short email matters. It might be the one that makes him go, hmmm….

  2. Done. Thank you for posting this M. It is simply amazing the power of the Internet and a blog such as yours. Every email to the Minister will make a difference. If more are needed please blog Allison’s plight again and I’m sure another barrage of emails will follow. I know I will send another, and another…

  3. My best friend Vanessa actually heard back from Ryall’s office today! They are paying attention! But keep sending emails and encourage others to also! Thanks Vanessa!

    On behalf of Hon Tony Ryall, Minister of Health, thank you for your email of 29 July 2010 about Allyson Lock.

    The Minister has asked Ministry of Health officials to advise him on the matters you have raised. Please be aware that due to the large volume of correspondence we receive, a personal reply to your letter may take some weeks.

    Kind regards

    Kate Thomason
    Private Secretary- Health
    Office of Hon Tony Ryall

  4. Done! Sorry it took me a few days to give my “10 minutes”, but the message is off to cyberspace. Keep us up to date.

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