The Headaches

I think it might actually be safe to say that the new headache meds are working. The bad headaches have all but disappeared (I hope this doesn’t jinx it) and the not so bad ones are, well, not as bad. I still get headaches but aside from one or two really debilitating ones since starting this new medication I haven’t been sentenced to staying in bed because of them like I have in the past. I think the lingering headaches can be traced back to the problems I am having with my breathing, which the meds wouldn’t really be able to help anyway.

At least now I can somewhat function. Don’t get me wrong, if my head hurts bad enough I don’t want to go into a noisy situation, I just don’t find myself lying in bed with ice packs for days on end. So, a notable improvement which is something that has been a long time coming.

I’m off to Mayo in couple of days to meet with the muscle disease expert, maybe he’ll be able to offer a plan that will lead to improvement in other areas.

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