A new approach to headache care

The doctor at Mayo is taking a new approach to my headaches. He is trying a proactive approach, he prescribed proactive medication instead of just piling on more reactive pain killers. So now instead of just taking countless pain killers throughout the day and night I now take two medications twice a day which are designed to prevent headaches in the first place. He gave me no guarantee that this would work, but at least he was willing to try something new and discuss the headaches which was a lot more than that quack at UCLA was willing to do. He said to try this approach and if it didn’t work that when I transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for my long-term care I could see a headache specialist who would work with me and try something else, but at least we are trying something new and that is progress.

I’ve only been on this new medication plan for a few weeks and one of the medications is on a graduated scheduled. That means over the course of 4 weeks we gradually increased the dosage until I reached the maximum dosage yesterday, so the jury is still out on the effectiveness of this new combination of meds. I did spend 6 days in bed with a killer headache which began on Christmas eve, so I really can’t make a call on if this is any better or not because I wasn’t up to the full dosage at the time of that debilitating flare up. I still have my daily headaches that I “live” with, but now that I’m up to my full dosage I guess we’ll see if this new program will make a difference. But at least now I have doctors who are willing to listen to me and work with me.

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