Doctors Do Return Phone Calls

Well, good doctors do anyway. Last Friday I put in a call (as requested) to my neurologist at the Mayo Clinic to see where we stood with analyzing the biopsy slides from UCLA. I left a message with the neurology desk and the doctor called me back within an hour! That is light speed compared to waiting months and months for some sort of communication from UCLA I had become accustomed to. The doctor told me that the Pathologist had reviewed the slides and they are still “very suspicious” of Pompe Disease, but they still can‘t offer a diagnosis. The lab is now going to request a raw tissue sample from UCLA so they can run their own tests and hopefully come up with a definitive diagnosis. A few weeks ago I would have simply laughed at the idea of someone getting information, let alone samples out of UCLA, but after Mayo Pathologist managed to get the biopsy slides in their hands in less than a week – anything is possible. I am almost convinced that the Pathologists at Mayo were trained at the CIA in “persuasive” techniques.
I received a second call back this week from another one of my doctors – not UCLA of course. I put a phone call in to my GP in Vegas and again, within an hour she had called me back. I may have to re-think my whole theory on doctors not being able to return phone calls.
So, in the spirit of returned phone calls, I fully expect a phone call from Mayo this week to let me know the outcome of the tissue sample request they sent to UCLA so we know where to go from here. Amazing things – telephones.



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