The headaches are back and they brought a pain army with them

The tension headaches have resurfaced. I had an around the clock headache for about 4-5 months. It comes and goes now and the doctor has me on around the clock medicine to get me through each day and night. Along with the headaches has come all over body aches and pains – this is a new and not fun symptom. The pain keeps me up at night and keeps me from concentrating on things. I have finally resorted to taking a prescription sleeping pill at night just so I’m not sleep deprived. The sleeping pills have been working, for the most part – but last night and today were another fun filled trip to all over body and headache pain land. The meds help most of the time, meaning that when they do work they make the pain tolerable, but it has been months since I have experienced a pain free moment. I have to take each day at a time and sometimes each moment at a time. Here are the problems with treating the symptoms – it’s not a cure and the meds are so strong that if I take enough to make the pain go away I’m so zoned out I can’t do anything either. So my choices are pushing through the pain, which I do most days or taking so many meds that I’m a zombie.


The doctors here are at loss. They have no idea what is wrong with me or what to do next, so I have been referred to a neuromuscular specialist at UCLA. More on exactly why I’m going to UCLA and talks of the wrong diagnosis at a later date.


Stay tuned…

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